Straight Men regarding Reddit Shared Their Extremely Sexual Same-Gender Experiences, and you may Really, We’re Shook

Straight Men regarding Reddit Shared Their Extremely Sexual Same-Gender Experiences, and you may Really, We’re Shook

Straight Men regarding Reddit Shared Their Extremely Sexual Same-Gender Experiences, and you may Really, We’re Shook

To your r/AskReddit, u/Megapumpkin questioned “Upright guys out of Reddit, what’s the very intimate moment you’d with other guy?” A few of the answers have been heartfelt, however got a significant tinge regarding despair – our company is devastated that people noticed some of these very real feelings must be “hidden” lest it rise above the crowd because the gay.

My mom attempted suicide years back. She try hospitalized to have 1 month. I thought I am able to handle it but a fourteen days immediately following it simply happened, I’d to your a battle with my personal wife from the a celebration and you will become crying. I would not prevent. We entirely unraveled inside the a great buddy’s kitchen. My closest friend place me inside the car and then we drove doing whenever i sobbed uncontrollably. You will find not ever been a lot more mentally unstable. He don’t speak, he only drove up to. He then decrease myself out-of yourself. I noticed such ideal. The guy never ever also will bring it even today.

It’s unfortunate that many upright boys getting their very sexual moment having various other kid are left wonders or perhaps is awkward

My personal fraternity sister/roomie was having an adverse big date. We were all of the consuming but he certainly had the very and you will texted an ex, so i introduced him back to the place to keep an enthusiastic eyes for the him. He got actual unfortunate and started weeping, but he was insecure throughout the their masculinity therefore he’d cry for several minutes about how exactly he thought around other people, after that reject that he felt like that and that it stage manage repeat all the 5 minutes.

Ultimately We broke up on him you to perception such as this is totally good and also an excellent (top accepting than concealing it). We stored your in my own possession while he weeped for about thirty minutes. The guy left trying to rebel once the their every instinct is actually informing him this particular was not Ok, but I just shushed him and you can rubbed his back while i kept him. The guy ultimately calmed off and you will went along to bed. That happened two weeks back therefore we have not talked about it yet, however, I’m pleased he top myself, and you will guarantee he seeks me personally aside when the he’s impression in that way again.

Regardless of if those is both reports men and women are there for every single almost every other, you to definitely recurring motif are anybody perception uncomfortable about any of it. Such as for example, u/Wompingsnatterpuss mutual his most intimate minute:

Talking several other man out of suicide. He only necessary people to pay attention. I hugged to possess a powerful half a minute in which he sobbed toward my personal breasts. Uncomfortable lookin straight back, but in once he required they.

Why would you to definitely end up being uncomfortable? As he says, the guy called for they. It’s sad whenever revealing a sexual moment are awkward on account of understood masculinity situations. And this is what i talk about when we say that toxic manliness hurts men and women. There’s no guilt in the loving someone, providing someone or being truth be told there for another people, particularly when they need you extremely.

No matter if this is actually rather hefty, one of the funnier stories are you/MonsieurMagnet‘s ‘very sexual moment’ story you to definitely took place with the their cure for Japan. He was to experience a combating games, when you are nearby try a guy to play the same video game and having perfect ratings. While the MonsieurMagnet sets it:

I experienced a girlfriend within the 9th grade whom, abreast of splitting up, told men and women I was homosexual

I was struggling to even get past the first stage, and this guy observes. So he ends to experience his game, requires his hands, carefully put them more exploit, and you will actions my personal give and you can pushes my personal fingertips thus i can be learn how to would combinations to your characters. I explore his eyes, laughing from the stupidity away from just what this boy is actually undertaking. He grins during the myself, and goes back to help you his game.

I’m straight however, homosexual for the man

Probably the funnier, happy ‘really sexual moment’ reports feel the pain from dangerous masculinity. The fresh thread is peppered which have “no homo” laughs. And while each one of these Reddit writers want it as a great punchline, it just comes out-of just like the a sad, insecure button towards the an otherwise amusing tale.

This 1 guy afterwards appears and you can raises himself around the fresh pretense “We heard you’re homosexual.” Explained he had been mistaken however, we are able to nevertheless be relatives. I am twenty seven now and he’s my companion, lol. I had a divorce and you may purchased a property and you may invited your is my roomie.