Then it is told you, ‘He are invited

Then it is told you, ‘He are invited

Then it is told you, ‘He are invited

What a good visit their was! Aron) Gabriel said (if you ask me), ‘This try Aron; pay him the greetings. It actually was asked, ‘Who can it be? It actually was told you, ‘He are invited. Just what a great visit their is actually! Moses) he wept. Someone asked, ‘What allows you to weep? It had been expected, ‘Who is-it? It absolutely was said, ‘He is asked. What good check out their is! Behold! The fresh fruit was basically for instance the jars of Hajr (we. Gabriel said, ‘This ‘s the Lote Tree of farthest limitation. Here went five canals, a couple of was in fact undetectable as well as 2 was indeed visible.

I asked, ‘What is actually these two kinds of rivers, O Gabriel? We got this new milk. Gabriel reic faith which you plus supporters is actually following. While i came back, We passed by Moses which questioned (me), ‘What have you been ordered to complete? Return to your Lord and ask for lowering your followers’ weight. Then again We found Moses, however, the guy frequent like he previously said before. However I went back to help you Allah and he smaller ten alot more prayers. While i came back to Moses he told you a similar, We went back and you may Allah in which he ordered us to observe 10 prayers 24 hours. As i came back to Moses, the guy constant an identical suggestions, therefore i went back in order to Allah is purchased to see or watch five prayers 24 hours.

391. Said regarding Anas b. Malik, brand new Prophet said: «Lady try models of passion and you may empathy and you will a blessing to the family. If an individual provides one girl, God will monitor him regarding the flames away from heck using their girl; if the he’s got two girl, Goodness have a tendency to recognize your so you can heaven; if he has three, Goodness will exempt him in the responsibility away from charity and you will Jehad.» (Kanz al-Ummal:277). (Feamales in Islam from the M. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

Gabriel told you (to me), ‘This is actually Moses; pay him your own greetings

392. Abu Hurairah claims, «The newest Prophet of Goodness said that if one have around three daughters just who he offers up and you can raises, Jesus will definitely award your which have heaven.» (Kanz al-Ummal). (Women in Islam because of the M. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

393. Predicated on Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, this new Prophet are advertised for told you; «When the a daughter flow from so you’re able to one in which he provides their up, offers her education and you may teaches this lady on the arts regarding lifestyle, I will me personally stand ranging from BHM Singles Dating Seite your and hell-flame. (Kanz al-Ummal). (Ladies in Islam by M. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

Gabriel said (in my opinion), ‘This is the dad; pay your your own greetings

394. Ibn Abbas stated that an effective virgin person-upwards girl concerned the newest Prophet out of Allah and you will narrated one to the girl father got considering the lady in-marriage in order to men whom she disliked. The fresh Prophet offered her alternative. (Abu Dawud). (Ladies in Islam because of the Yards. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

395. Khansa’ b. Khidham reported that the lady father offered the girl into the elizabeth a great widow. She disliked it and you may concerned the fresh Prophet. The guy annulled this new by Meters. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

396. Predicated on Ayeshah, the Prophet’s girlfriend, the guy said on female: «He’s such as for example enjoyable roses.» (Note 37) (Kanz al-Ummal). (Feamales in Islam of the Yards. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

397. Kid is the ruler in his house. He’s going to be held accountable to your run out-of their dependents, and woman is the ruler inside her partner’s house. She will even be held responsible to your perform away from this lady dependents. (Bukhari). (Women in Islam from the M. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).

398. An individual who has actually a woman slave responsible and you can takes tips giving the lady a sound studies and you can teaches this lady when you look at the arts and people, after which frees the lady and you can marries the girl, he’ll feel two times as rewarded. (Sahih Bukhari, Kitab al-Nikah). (Women in Islam from the Yards. Mazheruddin Siddiqi).